How We Raise Credit Scores in 1 Day

We can raise borrower’s credit scores within 1-5 business days utilizing a credit bureau level rescoring tool! The benefits are huge, including approving a mortgage previously declined to getting a better interest rate and lowering closing costs.

There are 2 common credit score factors that allow us to achieve this on a consistent basis: 1) high credit card balance to credit limit ratio and 2) a credit account currently showing a 30, 60 or 90 day late.

By correcting either one or both factors can improve a borrower’s credit score up to 100 points (based upon what we done for our clients) in 1 business day.

So, how do you take the guesswork out of how much a score can increase?

The answer is simple. After receiving the borrower’s initial credit report, we run a rapid rescore thru the same credit reporting company, which gives us an immediate report on exactly what can be achieved by paying off, paying down or bringing an account current.

The benefits are apparent in that a borrower can now receive an approval when only a day ago they were denied a loan due to their credit score. Or, a borrower could receive a lower interest rate or qualify for a better loan program, lower down payment and lower closing costs.

To find out more, just give us a call at 866-266-6620.

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